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Pangea Shellfish Company

Pangea Shellfish Company is a premium shellfish wholesaler specializing in oysters. The business distributes nationally and carries over 70 oyster varieties throughout the year. The oysters come from both the Pacific and Atlantic locations along the coasts of the US. In addition to the company's wholesale operation, Pangea Shellfish grows its own oysters in Massachusetts. The business also carries several other shellfish products, including clams, mussels, scallops, and urchin. Pangea Shellfish always strives to act responsibly towards the oceans when it comes to shellfish harvesting.

The company's mission is to source and distribute fresh, high-quality oysters and shellfish while respecting the oceans, customers, vendors, and employees. Pangea Shellfish Company prides itself on its customer service and how it cares about its vendors and shellfish growers. The company also believes education about its oyster products is important. As such, Pangea Shellfish has developed The Beginner's Guide to Oysters so customers can learn more about the shellfish species.

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Air freight, truck freight, UPS/FedEx. Please contact Pangea Shellfish Company for additional information on delivery and distribution options.

+1 (617) 439-4999
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