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Pike Place Fish Market

John Yokoyama purchased Pike Place Fish in 1965. As a young man of 25, he was at first hesitant to buy the business. At that time, John was one of several employees of the quiet, unassuming little fish stand. Today, it is a historic, open air market located in the heart of Seattle, Washington. By doing what inspires them, they became a world-famous distributor, building upon personal customer interactions and appreciation. They are committed to their vision of seeing companies around the world improving the quality of life for people and the environment. Operating from a powerful vision and a unique set of guiding principles, Pike Place Fish Market has become a model for other organizations and used as a case study in business schools, universities, books, and training videos. The business has partnered with Seafood Catch to help consumers and businesses make choices in support of a healthy ocean. The company believes that by interacting with people and maintaining a strong intention to make a difference for them, they can remain a world-famous fish market.

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 Pick-up and delivery available in Seattle.  FedEx and UPS delivery available in the United States.

+1 (206) 682-7181
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