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Pioneer Seafoods

Based in Castroville, California since 2000, Pioneer Seafoods is owned and operated by Giuseppe Pennisi. The F/V Pioneer trawls for rockfish, sole, and sablefish off the coast of Monterey and offers high-quality seafood directly from the boat.

The Pennisi family has a long tradition of fishing and has been trawling in the waters off of California since the early 1900s. Giuseppe started fishing in California when he was seven years old. Beginning his career working on his father's boats, he has made a career fishing everywhere from Monterey to the Bering Sea. In 2000 he purchased his boat the Pioneer and launched Pioneer Seafoods. 

Supplying fresh seafood to both individuals and businesses, customers can place their orders through Pioneer's online store. All orders are shipped on ice and delivered immediately. Pioneer’s products can also be found at Whole Foods and Safeway in Castro Valley.

Pioneer Seafoods has earned special recognition from the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) for sustainability, innovation, and efficiency. Through their partnership with EDF, Pioneer has worked to modify and enhance their trawling gear. This is has cumulated in the development of Pioneer’s “light touch” trawl gear. By modifying the weight and size of their nets, this trawl gear barely touches the seafloor. Pioneer Seafoods estimates that these modifications reduce bottom contact by about 95 percent. The light touch trawl gear also uses nets that target larger rockfish and other species, allowing the smaller, juvenile fish to easily escape. Video cameras attached to their trawl gear allow the crew to target and view their catch before it is ever brought out of the water. Through their environmentally friendly trawling methods, Giuseppe and his crew at Pioneer Seafoods are further ensuring their passion and dedication for trawling are carried forward into subsequent generations.


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Delivery available via air freight in the United States. Delivery available in the Monterey Bay and Salinas areas via Pioneer Seafoods, as well as San Francisco for larger orders.

+1 (831) 594-4231
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