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Pisces Impex Ltd.

Pisces Impex is a Canadian based importer of specialty seafood from the Indian sub-continent. Working closely with suppliers in India, Sri Lanka, and the Maldives allows Pisces Impex unique access to a wide variety of wild seafood not typically found in Canadian markets. Primarily serving customers in central Canada, Pisces Impex also offers limited distribution to the U.S. Midwest and New England.

Offering unique species such as bloodred snapper, Indian goatfish and Persian grouper, all fish that Pisces Impex sources is fully traceable back to the region it was caught. Whenever possible, fish are landed during one-day excursions, with the fish being placed on ice within minutes of being caught. Once on shore, fish are immediately delivered to dedicated shoreline facilities, expediting the journey from sea to processing to ensure it’s quickly ready for export. Dedicated to keeping transit time at a minimum, Pisces Impex only partners with suppliers who prioritize streamlined services without sacrificing the consistency and quality of the end product.

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Please contact Pisces Impex Ltd. for any delivery or distribution inquiries.

+1 (416) 907-6866
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