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Polar Quality AS is an international salmon exporting company. The company’s owners and suppliers represent businesses involved in the entire life cycle of salmon, from hatcheries to smolt production and production of fish for consumption. This allows the company to hand pick fresh and frozen products according to customer specifications.

Polar Quality bases its company philosophy upon providing a positive link between customer and supplier. The company’s goal is to guarantee that supplies and quality comply in full with customer requests. The fish farms are situated in idyllic locations in Norway with free access to pure, cold water. These provide the very best conditions for fish welfare, where the salmon can grow to optimal size and gain the very best quality.

The combination of ideal locations, modern facilities and a focus on quality and food safety has gained Polar Quality a position as a popular supplier both at home and abroad. Polar Quality exports large volumes of fresh and frozen salmon to Europe, the US and Asia and has also a substantial distribution in Norway.

From Polar Quality’s offices in Bodø the company manages transport to customers, with an efficient journey from the harvesting plant, to processing plants, supermarkets, and the customer’s kitchen. A network of suppliers spread over a large geographical area secures supplies of quality fish all year round.

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Please contact Polar Quality AS for more information on delivery and distribution options.

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