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Prestige Oyster

Based in Texas, Prestige Oyster is a family-run business specializing in the sale of fresh, frozen, and high-pressure processed oyster products. The business works to provide a market for 30-100 commercial oyster harvesters and leases over 50,000 acres of private wild oyster grounds throughout Texas and Louisiana.

Sustainable fishing practices are at the core of Prestige Oyster’s values and the business takes great pride in investing in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. The business recycles 100% of its oyster shells into nearby bays. During the summer months, when oysters spawn, the business sets out tons of rocks and cultch material which helps create new substrates for oysters to grow on. Creating substrate not only provides the business with oysters but helps to improve water quality and to create a habitat for fish, crab, and other organisms. In recent years, Prestige Oyster has planted over 100,00,000 pounds of rock in the Gulf of Mexico.

Prestige Oyster achieved MSC certification for its private Texas and Lousiana oyster fishery. This oyster certification is the first of its kind in the Americas.

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Freight liner and postal delivery. Please contact Prestige Oyster for additional information on delivery and distribution options.

+1 (281) 339-2111
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