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Robbie's Ocean Fresh Seafood, Inc.

Robbie's Ocean Fresh Seafood, Inc. of Monterey is a wholesaler, distributor, and trader of quality seafood serving discerning customers throughout the great state of California. Founded in 2002, Robbie's Ocean Fresh Seafood has made a name for itself through the direct distribution of a variety of high-quality seafood. The company primarily sources its wild seafood products from the U.S. West Coast, with a focus on native California species. In addition to its wild seafood options, Robbie's Ocean Fresh Seafood proudly offers a sustainable array of farmed products including Ora King Salmon, blue mussels, and whiteleg shrimp.

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Door-to-door delivery available for California customers. Please contact Robbie's Ocean Fresh Seafood Inc. for additional shipping and distribution options.

+1 (831) 212-0231
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