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Sammy’s Seafood is a local fresh seafood purveyor in southwest Florida founded in 2002 by husband and wife team, Katie and Emilio Sosa. Based in St. Petersburg, Sammy’s receives local fresh fish from commercial fishing vessels (dive boats who use hook & line and spears, as well as longliners) and from local crabbers. Sammy’s Seafood also sources from local farmers of clams, oysters, crab, soft shell crabs, and shrimp. The company is committed to sourcing fresh seafood from local commercial fishermen, shrimpers and crabbers, environmentally friendly fisheries and sustainable aquaculture farmers. In addition, product including flounder, haddock, and a variety of shellfish, is brought in daily from across the country and abroad.

Sammy’s Seafood aims to be different in the seafood procurement industry not only in its approach to its product and service, but by also seeking to lend light and education in an industry which historically is a little opaque. The company firmly believes that educating its customers as to why we’ve chosen each supplier is just as important. After each fresh fish passes a quality assurance inspection, the name of the boat, Captain and catch date is recorded and a 3-letter code is assigned to each fish species. The fish are then tagged with a Sammy’s TRACE™ key card which allows customers to trace their fish from catch to plate using Sammy’s TRACE™ Program tool.

The company’s Sustainability Commitment is in place to help better preserve the marine environment and the seafood industry for future generations, by making better choices on sourcing, by following standards set by Blue Ocean, and through further educating its customers on topics such as sourcing, fishing seasons, closures, and seafood flavor profiles. Sammy's uses seafood that has been harvested using the best management practices in an effort to maintain and sustain our oceans so that better-maintained stocks, reduce overfishing for long-term socioeconomic benefits. Sammy’s strives for serving best seafood and service to best maintain a high-quality seafood experience for all of its customers.           

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