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Samuels & Son Seafood Company, Inc.

Owner of Samuels & Son Seafood, Samuel D’ Angelo can attest to a lifetime of seafood experience.  It was his grandfather, Giuseppe, who started the company by pushing his wagon through the streets of Philadelphia with the freshest seafood available. Guiseppe’s business grew and so did his extensive selection of seafood products.  His daughter, Rose, eventually managed their first store, Ippolito’s. It was here that Samuel discovered a strong passion for fish and Ippolito’s became his school of seafood.

This strong passion and impressive knowledge of the seafood business blossomed and Samuel became heir to his grandfather and took over Ippolito’s.  By 1989, Ippolito’s was greatly prospering and Samuel decided to venture out to the wholesale business, Samuels & Son Seafood was born. Today, Samuels & Son Seafood remains a family business where Samuel works alongside his wife, two sons and two daughters.  It’s here they provide restaurants, retail and supermarkets all over the country the widest range of fresh, sustainable seafood.  From local fish to the most exotic fish from around the world, it can be found at Samuels & Son Seafood with a family always excited to meet its customers and provide them with the highest quality product.

With over 80 years of experience sourcing responsibly harvested species, the Samuels & Son team has been putting sustainability at the forefront of its business philosophy since the beginning. Those values of respect and appreciation for the sea brought over from the old world still influences its business decisions today. The company's purchasing decisions are based on the guidance received from a resident marine biologist, government and non-governmental organizations, and the large network of suppliers and fisherman the business has formed relationships with over the years.

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Delivery available everyday of the week in the New York, Philadelphia, and Pittsburg metropolitan areas. Delivery also available in Connecticut and Virginia. Delivery available via air freight available in the United States.

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