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Sarasota Seafood Company

Sarasota Seafood Company is a seafood distributor, wholesaler, and processor based in Sarasota, Florida. With a company-wide commitment to putting customers first, and improving product listings based on customer and partner feedback, Sarasota Seafood Company is able to ensure lasting relationships with their clients.

With a diverse lineup of products that include everything from American lobster to swordfish and wahoo, Sarasota Seafood Company sources their food from the United States, Central America and Europe. Operating under a certified and FDA reviewed HACCP Plan, the company employs an experienced staff made up of a retired boat captain, former chefs, industry professionals, and experienced delivery staff. Dealing solely with HACCP certified wholesalers, who provide annual proof of certification, Sarasota Seafood Company maintains transparency in their sourcing process and is able to trace all of its seafood back to the ship it was caught, the method in which it was caught, and the time it took to make it from sea to plate.

Overnight Delivery
Distribution Notes

Delivery available to the west coast of Florida. Please contact Sarasota Seafood Company for additional delivery options.

+1 (941) 751-0000
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