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Seafreeze Ltd.

Established in 1985, Seafreeze Ltd. has evolved to become the largest producer and trader of sea-frozen seafood on the United States east coast. The integrity of their products start with the quality of the catch itself, which is how Seafreeze has become a trusted supplier for both regional seafood distributors and international importers. Their high capacity freezer trawlers are HACCP-certified and are equipped with species-specific nets to selectively target their catch, which is untreated and frozen at sea. They have also increased the capacity of their cold storage facility, enabling them to offer third-party stevedoring and cold storage services. Each catch is harvested and hand-packed to preserve freshness and quality as they stand by their motto “the only thing we treat our fish with is respect.”

Seafreeze Ltd. maintains a direct connection with producers around the world. This gives them extra capacity for distribution and delivery, and enables them to supply customers with a variety of quality options and pricing. They also encourage customers to make special requests, including for products that are not currently handled by Seafreeze Ltd. This helps the company keep up-to-date with current trends and upstream opportunities.

Seafreeze’s Shoreside Organics LLC is a small startup company in Rhode Island offering slow-release organic squid fertilizer made from single-sourced squid by-product. A majority of the squid they catch are cut for calamari, leaving much of the animal unused. After months of research and help from the University of Rhode Island, an effective squid-based organic fertilizer has been produced. Seafreeze also offers fishing tools, such as ice, bait, consignment, and plate freezing at Shoreside.

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