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Sizzlefish is an online seafood company providing pure, all-natural seafood. After 30 years of being in the seafood industry, founder Rob Mayo decided to bring high quality, excellent tasting seafood to people's doorstep. The idea made sense. For nearly 30 years he had supplied fish and seafood to the top natural and premium grocery companies in the U.S.. Using those valuable years of experience sourcing, preparing, and packaging the best seafood, Sizzlefish was founded to focus those skills on delivering real performance and health benefits to people and give them pure, quality fish they can trust – delivered directly to their door!

Providing a wide selection of wild and farm-raised products, Sizzlefish offers classic seafood items such as salmon, halibut, and catfish in addition to unique products like sablefish and grey sole. Recognizing that not all communities have equal access to fresh fish and shellfish, Sizzlefish processes, packs, and ships all their own products, cutting down the time between ocean and plate. To ensure the freshest possible fish, Sizzlefish processes and flash-freezes their fish as quickly as possible, ensuring that it maintains peak flavor. Fish is then packaged in individual vacuum-packed portions and is delivered to customers in reusable, recyclable coolers filled with dry ice and ready to enjoy once thawed. Whatever Sizzlefish product you choose you can be assured that it comes with a guarantee of excellence and a healthy dose of valuable nutrients perfect for the health and fitness minded!

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+1 (252) 746-2818
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