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South Bay Wild, Inc.

South Bay Wild, Inc. is a family-owned and operated commercial fishing vessel harvesting sustainable, wild-caught groundfish out of Morro Bay, California. Founded by Rob and Tiffani Seitz, South Bay Wild lands thousands of pounds of petrale sole, lingcod, rockfish, and other groundfish in Morro Bay each year. South Bay Wild harvests and markets their fish using a “triple bottom line” approach that gives back to the community and the environment.


Rob and Tiffani are dedicated to harvesting high-quality, local seafood. When Rob and Tiffani heard that 90 percent of US-caught seafood is shipped overseas and 80 percent of the seafood consumed in the US is imported, they decided to do something about it. That is why 100 percent of the seafood caught by South Bay Wild stays in the US. By focusing on local seafood, South Bay Wild eliminates steps and improves efficiencies in the supply chain. The result is a higher per-pound profit to the boat, at no additional cost to the customer. Through direct marketing, a portion of the profits from the catch are kept circulating in the community. This method also cuts down on transportation and shipping, reducing South Bay Wild’s carbon footprint. 


Every pound of groundfish caught from South Bay Wild is leased through the Morro Bay Community Quota Fund. This allows for a percentage of the revenue generated from their fishing to be returned to the community. The community’s percentage is then in-turn used to fund local infrastructure projects, scholarships, research, and other good causes. 


South Bay Wild is a member of the California Groundfish Collective, a collaboration of fishermen from four coastal California communities and The Nature Conservancy. Together, this group is working to protect several million acres of sub-ocean habitat along California’s coast as well as to avoid catching four species of rockfish considered overfished. 


Central Coast Seafood - California, USA

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Pick-up available at 1217 Embarcadero Street, Morro Bay, CA 93442. Delivery available in San Luis Obispo via South Bay Wild. 

+1 (503) 440-1897
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