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Stavis Seafoods has represented the Boston seafood industry since 1929. Originally called the Stavis Ipswich Clam Company, it was founded by Isadore Stavis and focused primarily on buying and distributing fresh clams from Boston, New England and Canadian waters. Since its inception, Stavis Seafoods has grown in size and variety of products offered and has become one of the leading fresh seafood companies in the United States. Stavis added frozen seafood to its repertoire in the early 1960s, an area that continues to grow until this day.

The company remains family-owned and operated today with four members of the Stavis family still actively involved in the business. The growth of Stavis Seafoods from one employee in 1929 to a $160 million wholesale seafood company and international seafood distributor is due to the commitment of the Stavis family to the business. Widely considered an innovator in the seafood industry, Stavis Seafoods offers more than 700 of the best seafood items from more than 25 countries around the world. They are one of the few companies capable of importing such volume from so many different countries and selling to so many different markets. Stavis is a responsible importer and takes a number of affirmative steps to certify its vendors, including in-depth HACCP plan analysis and plant visits to ensure the quality, safety, and integrity of the items that it imports.

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Stavis's primary distribution facility is located in the Marine Industrial Park in Boston. An expansion and renovation completed in 2006 allows them to distribute product held to the highest standards of safety. Stavis also has a distribution location in Miami, which provides fresh and frozen seafood to the active Miami seafood and Florida seafood markets. Stavis Seafoods ships more than 38 million pounds of seafood annually. The company has come a long way from buying live clams in New England and Canada. Today, Stavis distributes via air, truck and ships both nationally and internationally. Stavis also ships seafood direct from several ports around the USA, including Miami, Los Angeles, New Jersey and Alaska. Overnight delivery available via FedEx.

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