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Sun Rice Corporation is a frozen specialty seafood importer based in North Plainfield, New Jersey. In the market since 1998, Sun Rice Corporation imports high-quality seafood from the Mediterranean, yielding products with a fresh taste and refined texture that can be found in restaurants from New York to Seattle.

Over the years, the company has introduced a number of products including calamari, pulpo de playa (Spanish "day boat" octopus), dried salted cod, carabinero shrimp (Red Shrimp), and langoustines, and other seafood specialties. One of the largest Spanish Octopus importers in the United States, Sun Rice Corporation gives special attention to this day-boat product. After the octopus are caught, they return to shore alive where they are immediately sent to be processed, individually quick frozen and then shipped directly to facilities in the United States. Selecting the best fishing grounds from both the Spanish and Portuguese coast allows Sun Rice Corp to ensure that customers receive products that are always in season and are always high-quality

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Delivery available via local distributors in the following states metropolitan areas: New York, New Jersey, Maine, Oregon, North Carolina, Illinois, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Las Vegas, Atlanta, and Miami. Delivery available via truck and air freight in the United States as well.

+1 (877) 791-9401
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