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The Fish Guys Inc.

Respect at every step

Founded in 1993, The Fish Guys is the Midwest's premier wholesale supplier bringing top chefs, restaurants, high-end retailers and upscale caterers, the freshest and widest variety of seafood from around the globe. From their choice of fishing and farming partners and meticulous whole-fish processing to their stringent sustainability practices and unwavering customer-centric service, they treat their people, product, process, environment and customers with the utmost respect.

from the fish guys' trusted partners to you

Creating trusted, personal relationships with the world's best fishermen, fisherwomen and fish farmers is essential to their customers. Through these partnerships, fresh catches ship daily to the company's on-site processing facility where their skilled professionals custom-cut orders to exacting specifications. They offer an extensive selection of exceptional products with a level of service that's second to none. The Fish Guys are continually offering new selections and the latest trends to inspire creativity.

the fish guys commitment to sustainability

The Fish Guys commitment to sustainability means they are very conscientious about the seafood they supply and its impact on the environment. They conduct their business in an ethical and sustainable manner that promotes healthy, abundant oceans today and for future generations. By monitoring the pressing issues of their industry and continuing to educate themselves about new, sustainable fish species and aquafarmed sources, The Fish Guys diligently work to maintain fish supplies around the world.

  • The company follows and participates in the guidelines set by the world-leading experts in aquaculture, fish health and welfare and environmental management.
  • The company works only with partners who follow ethical practices and strong environmental management in their fishing or farming operations.
  • The company equips their customers with education and knowledge, allowing them to make sustainable business decisions that support the well-being of our industry and the environment.
  • The company continually seeks out new products and develop new solutions and programs to foster customer success within the guidelines of sustainability and environmentally responsible seafood choices.

Respect at every step. The Fish Guys can't imagine doing business any other way.

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Truck delivery available in the Upper Midwest: Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Wisconsin and Michigan.

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