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Located in the east end of Waterbury, CT, The Ideal Fish (Great American Aquaculture) is a land-based, saltwater recirculating aquaculture company - the only commercial-scale facility of its kind in the northeast United States. The Ideal Fish believes there is room for all forms of seafood production - sustainable, responsible wild fisheries, ocean cage, inland lagoon and recirculating aquaculture, and that they all have a place in this country's seafood supply chain. This belief drives their business model, making sure all parts of their production are done in a sustainable manner that produces superior quality seafood products for their end customer.

Specializing in European sea bass, a hardy fish and great candidate for aquaculture cultivation, The Ideal Fish uses state-of-the-art technology to raise their fish in optimal growing conditions. Grown inside their facility, their fish are protected from external pathogens and pollutants, making the need for antibiotics, growth hormones and other additives unnecessary. Water from their recirculating aquaculture system is filtered and reused to recover waste products and minimize water waste and discharge. By treating and reusing their water, they’re able to protect the local ecology of the area, continuously maintaining a high level of environmental sustainability. By raising their own fish, and selling direct to customers, The Ideal Fish is able to bring fresh seafood production back to local markets in the United States, including their own landlocked city of Waterbury.

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