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Based in the Netherlands, Visscher Seafood was founded in 1986 by three brothers: Jan, Frans and Albert Brouwer.  Visscher Seafood is a modern supplier of fresh North Atlantic seafood and specializes in the production of salmon.  The company began with the mission to make sustainable seafood from the North Sea available to the entire country and abroad.  Visscher Seafood maintains strong relationships with its business partners - some of these relationships going back for 30 years.

Visscher Seafood focuses heavily on the triple bottom line of sustainability.  Visscher works with highly sustainable partners in Norway, Scotland, and Ireland to ensure the quality of their farmed salmon. The company purchases its wild salmon exclusively from MSC-certified suppliers in Alaska and Canada and works with local fishermen to source North Sea wild seafood. Whether it's cod from the North Sea or salmon from the Norwegian fjords, Visscher Seafood always offers fresh and healthy products that are caught or farmed in the most sustainable manner possible.

Being a family business from the small fishing town of Urk in the Netherlands, Visscher Seafood also believes building up the community.  Visscher does this by investing in its employees, giving them the opportunity to develop themselves and others around them. Visscher offers training courses and development programs to its employees and allows room for employee growth as the company grows.

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Delivery to USA, Canada, Europe, and Asia available. Please contact Visscher Seafood for information about delivery and distribution options.

+1 (206) 388-9778
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