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Ward Oyster Company of Ware Neck, Virginia operates one of the largest cage oyster farms in the Commonwealth of Virginia with over 10 million oysters in place at the mouth of the Ware River. Formed in 1986 by John & Floyd Ward, Ward Oyster Company is the farm and hatchery for sister company Mobjack Bay Seafood, and is actively involved in the community, playing a role in cleaning the Chesapeake Bay and its local waterways.

Due to their unique farming location on a large sandbar in the mouth of the Ware River, Ward Oyster Company’s oysters have a distinctive and exquisite taste taken from their surroundings. On incoming tides, the waters of the Mobjack Bay are accelerated and forced to run over the area where their cages are, creating excellent growing conditions with the pristine waters of the Mobjack Bay as their primary food source. By producing their seed oysters from adult oysters, they are able to avoid depleting the area's natural wild oysters. Using eco-friendly grading and cleaning methods, along with employing responsible farming techniques, Ward Oyster Company’s farming operations not only enhance the surrounding environment, but also plays a role in preserving the vitality of Chesapeake Bay and nearby waterways for years to come.

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+1 (804) 693-0044
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