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Wheeler Seafood of Auburn, Washington is a purveyor of premium seafood, serving customers across the continental United States. Founded over a decade ago by Brian Wheeler, a former fishmonger, Brian decided to build on his lifetime of seafood expertise and opened Wheeler Seafood in Seattle, Washington. Dedicated to providing a diverse portfolio of the finest seafood options, Wheeler Seafood has circled the globe, connecting with artisan producers, farmers, and purveyors, and is constantly in search of the world’s best products.

Committed to the responsible use and conservation of the earth’s precious resources, Wheeler Seafood employs several methods of ensuring the sustainability of their products including only partnering with purveyors who share their loyalty to mindful stewardship. Suppliers must demonstrate this dedication through the implementation of responsible methods of raising and harvesting their fish, as well as caring for the environment that their fish are farmed in. The resulting products are distributed to a wide range of food professionals that includes celebrity chefs, James Beard award winners, respected retailers, and purveyors of fine food.

As a result of their diligent sourcing, many of Wheeler Seafoods suppliers hold certifications from the industry’s top quality standards organizations including RSPCA/Freedom Foods, MSC ISO, HACCP, Friend of the Sea, Code of Practice, Quality Trout, Global Gap, Debio Norway, and Naturland Denmark. As further testament to their commitment to sustainable sourcing, Wheeler Seafood is launching a non-profit organization focused on replenishing fisheries in North America, to be launched in 2019.

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