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Acme Smoked Fish

Distributor, Importer, Processor, Wholesaler
NY, United States
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Acme Smoked Fish is the largest smoked fish company in the US and has been hot and cold smoking fish since 1906 . The company is particularly focused on quality, consistency, food safety and production capacity. Acme Smoked Fish honed this focus by taking over its supply chain. Five years ago, the business opened Acme Chile in Puerto Montt, just north of Patagonia, where it operates and processes raw materials purchased directly from farms. From there, fish, either headed and gutted or filleted, are sent to the company's HQ in Brooklyn or to its cold smoking facility in Wilmington, NC. Acme Smoked Fish then takes its finished products and sells to distributors, food service operators, retailers and restaurants. No other smoked fish company controls its supply chain or food safety like Acme Smoked Fish does. 

Acme Smoked Fish is committed to producing and distributing high-quality smoked salmon, whitefish, sable, sturgeon, and herring products. At the same time, the company is also committed to minimizing the impact of its actions to the environment by recycling waste, reducing packaging sizes, using recyclable materials, limiting use of water and energy, supporting local and distant communities, and ultimately working very close with its seafood suppliers to ensure that fishing practices are conducted in ways that help protect the environment.

Seafood Certifications

Marine Stewardship Council Certified

  • MSC-C-57607

Aquaculture Stewardship Council Certification

  • ASC-C-02451
  • ASC-C-02452

Best Aquaculture Practices 2-Star

  • P10670

Distribution Regions and Business Locations

30 Gem Street
Brooklyn, NY 11222
United States
  • Central America & Caribbean
  • USA - California
  • USA - Gulf of Mexico
  • USA - Hawaii
  • USA - Mid Atlantic
  • USA - Midwest
  • USA - New England
  • USA - Pacific Northwest
  • USA - Rockies & Southwest
  • USA - South Atlantic
  • USA - Southeast