Create a Sustainable Seafood Commitment

When a company begins to work on improving the sustainability of their seafood offerings, they typically pull together a team and create a plan, creating what is often called a sustainable seafood commitment. Follow the steps below to create (or update) your business’ sustainable seafood commitment.



1.) Assess

Assessing the sustainability of the products you carry is a great first step in determining where changes to your sourcing decisions or policies may need to be made. FishChoice’s My Assessment tool, available when you create a free account, makes it easy to generate charts and visualizations of your products so you can understand the sustainability of your seafood products.


2.) Brainstorm

Complete the Sustainable Seafood Program Brainstorm by bringing together a team within your company to discuss your Assessment results and seafood sustainability in greater detail. This exercise is valuable in gaining a greater understanding of your business's current approach to sustainability, what goals or benchmarks you would like to achieve in the future, and how you can communicate these improvements to your customers and staff.


* The Commitment Template and Sustainable Seafood Program Brainstorm documents were created to accommodate as many sizes and types of businesses as possible. If a question doesn’t apply to your business just move to the next one.


3.) Complete

Complete the Commitment Template (available in English, Español, and 日本語) to create a commitment in alignment with best practices that you can share publicly.


4.) Upload

Make your commitment public by uploading or adding a link to your commitment to your FishChoice Partner Profile, and sharing it on your business’s website.