Just like the tides, seafood sustainability information is always changing. FishChoice offers a number of tools and resources to keep you in the know about products relevant to you and your business.


Create a FishChoice Account and Log In

Creating a free account on FishChoice unlocks the tools businesses need to track, manage, and stay current on the sustainability of their seafood products. Already have an account? Login to access your new FishChoice Dashboard, allowing you to:

  • Update your business information in My Business
  • Add your seafood product information and run a sustainable seafood baseline in My Products
  • Run sustainability assessments and create personalized reports for your products in My Assessments
  • Track your favorite FishChoice Partners and Seafood Buying Guides in My Favorites

My Assessments 

Get an up-to-date sustainability report for your seafood products based on the sustainability rating program most relevant to you. My Assessments are accessed through your FishChoice Dashboard. You can learn more about how to establish a sustainability baseline for your products using the My Assessments tool.

My Favorites


Easily access your favorite FishChoice Partners and Seafood Buying Guides on your FishChoice Dashboard.

Fishery Improvement Project Progress

FisheryProgress makes tracking progress for fishery improvement projects (FIPs) more efficient, consistent, and reliable for businesses that are interested in or are supporting FIPs. 

With the Follow This FIP feature, FisheryProgress users can easily track FIPs of interest and receive associated updates through monthly email summaries. The monthly digest email highlights four key aspects of each FIP’s profile and any changes that have occurred on a month-to-month basis, including:

  • Progress rating
  • Listing status
  • FIP type
  • Compliance with FisheryProgress’ six-month and annual reporting requirements

Sustainable Seafood Updates

FishChoice always has the most up-to-date ratings and certification information for seafood products.

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Seafood Watch Updates
Ocean Wise Updates
Good Fish Guide Updates