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American Fresh Fillets farms tilapia in South Florida. The company's product is fresh, never frozen and also chemical and antibiotics free. The fillets are produced all naturally and with the use of sustainable farming methods. The fish are grown in tanks in greenhouses and the water used comes from pristine aquifers. The tilapia feed on algae and get high-grade protein from pellet feeds. The company is fully committed to providing customers with healthy seafood and are passionate about producing delicious fish. American Fresh Fillets product can be delivered in less than 24 hours after harvest with minimal processing.   American Fresh Fillets is also committed to using natural processes to grow its fish. Its proprietary science allows the company to grow fish in an eco-friendly way. With tanks stored in greenhouses, energy from the sun is used to heat the water the fish grow in and to promote the growth of algae that the fish can feed on. The oxygen produced by photosynthesis from the algae saves on energy for aeration which reduces the company's carbon footprint. Beneficial microorganisms seeded in the tanks process waste and allow for minimal water use.  
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1815 Purdy ave
Miami Beach, FL 33139
United States
1815 Purdy ave
Miami Beach, FL 33139
United States
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Oreochromis spp., Sarotherodon spp., Tilapia spp.
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