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America's Catch Inc.

MS, United States
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America's Catch is a vertically integrated farmed catfish company, which ensures that they are able to maintain quality control standards from the hatchery to the consumer. The company begins by raising their fish from fingerlings that come from the most genetically superior brood stock available. Their homes for the next 18 months are their above-ground ponds which are fed with sparkling fresh well water. This controlled environment -- where even oxygen is added when needed -- is a perfect place to nurture healthy catfish and provide year-round availability. America's Catch catfish are fed high-protein food pellets which are a mixture of soybeans, corn, wheat, vitamins and minerals. This specially formulated feed is puffed to float so the fish eat at the top of the water, another of the reasons for their catfish's superior taste.

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PO Box 584
Itta Bena, MS 38930
United States
  • USA - California
  • USA - Gulf of Mexico
  • USA - Hawaii
  • USA - Mid Atlantic
  • USA - Midwest
  • USA - New England
  • USA - Pacific Northwest
  • USA - Rockies & Southwest
  • USA - South Atlantic
  • USA - Southeast
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