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Anna Marie Seafood owner and shrimper Lance Nacio grew up in the estuaries of South Louisiana. His great-grandfather, grandfather and father all supported their families by hunting and fishing along the fertile coast of Terrebonne Parish, a tradition that Lance carries on today from his shrimp boat, the F/V Anna Marie. Louisiana white shrimp are harvested at night, when they are feeding near the surface.

Anna Marie Seafood uses specialized nets, with turtle excluder devices (TEDs) to skim the inland waters of the Gulf of Mexico, reducing by-catch. The nets are hauled aboard often, and the live shrimp are immediately sorted by size and rinsed. The shrimp are pre-chilled in a 33°F chill tank. The company also has an on-board shrimp grader, which they use and then box and load the shrimp into their ultra-low temperature (-40°F) freezer to be quick-frozen in their natural state, before shipping overnight to customers throughout the country.

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Dulac, LA 70353
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White Shrimp
USA - Gulf of Mexico
Skimmer Trawl (Vessels < 40ft)
Seafood Watch: Avoid