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In the early 1980s, Joe Spurry Sr. was still making a pretty good living as a crabber on the waterways of Marylands Eastern Shore. Joe, who comes from a long line of Chesapeake Bay crabbers and watermen, was bringing in so many crabs at that time that he couldn't sell them all locally. So, he started delivering a lot of his extras in nearby Annapolis and Baltimore, MD. It wasnt long before the demand for good local Maryland seafood went through the roof and Joe, Sr. eventually sold his boat and gave up crabbing to focus on his growing distribution business.

Mr. Spurry saw an opportunity to do more than just sell fresh picked crabmeat and oysters to vendors up and down the Atlantic coast. By working hand in hand with about 40 - 50 local watermen throughout the year, and by personally traveling the entire east coast to find new places to ship to, or purchase from, he was soon able to expand his wholesale seafood business to include much more in the way of live crabs and oysters. Then in 1984, he purchased one of the last locally operating seafood processing plants on the eastern shore. But the location was perfectly situated right in the center of the Bay Hundred region. Everything began to fall into place as the demand for good quality seafood from Marylands Eastern shore continued to grow and Bay Hundred Seafood, Inc. has built a long lasting reputation as a seafood supplier to more than a hundred well known restaurants all over the mid-Atlantic region.

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23713 St. Michaels Road
St. Michaels, MD 21663
United States
  • USA - Mid Atlantic
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