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Better Products is the exclusive buyer of Colorado Correctional Industries (CCI) closed-containment farmed Rainbow Trout. CCI Organic Trout are fed diets which contain ingredients in accordance with organic production standards for Whole Foods. Notably the diet has no artificial color or genetically modified ingredients and is produced from sustainable organic sources. The fish are fed no color additives, which gives CCI organic trout flesh a white color as opposed to the pink color usually seen in some trout reared using colorants. CCI Trout Hatchery uses proactive environmental practices, assuring a stress free environment for our trout. Health and welfare of fish is maintained by minimizing stress, reducing the introduction of disease and nurturing the fish through their physiological and behavioral needs. Handling and harvesting is carried out as humanely as possible, with minimum stress on the fish. CCI's trout farm holds an average of 135,000 gallons of pure Rocky Mountain spring water.

Their spring water is collected via an underground piping network over 2 miles long and is never exposed to the atmosphere and free of contaminants. Trout benefit from a greater freedom of space thats why there is never more than 115,000-130,000 fish swimming in a rearing unit. They believe this emphasis is vital for natural growth thus cutting the reliance on medicines. Humane handling and harvest are paramount to the organic regime. The farm is situated in Buena Vista, Colorado at 8,000 ft.. The CCI Trout farm is fully integrated, which means quality is controlled right through the system. The farm purchases fertilized eggs from Troutlodge located in Washington State. The eggs are incubated and hatched at CCI's hatchery. The young fish then grow slowly and naturally at low densities in clean, high-flow raceways. The CCI trout farm is environmentally friendly, returning water to the Arkansas River in in the purest condition. CCI's farm supervisor is licensed to perform the strictest of water tests prior to the release from the settlement facilities. These test results are reported to the Environment Protection Agency. This ensures the water is returned to the river in good condition.

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