Bowers Shrimp Farm

Bowers Shrimp Farm

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TX, United States
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Bowers Shrimp Farm operates 103 ponds for a total of 370 water acres, where the latest aquaculture technology is applied. Bowers processes catfish 4-5 days a week year-round, providing fresh and frozen products throughout the year. Bowers Shrimp & Fish has its own hatchery as well as the farms and processing plant, ensuring quality control of the entire operation from 'farm to fork.' Bowers Shrimp Farm is a family-owned and operated company that provides consistent premium quality through meticulous sanitary processing and temperature control. The Bowers facilities are eco-friendly with environmentally-safe practices producing no by-products or waste. The state-of-the-art facility meets all regulations and it allows Bowers to accurately weigh, process, package, and store our crop.

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24781 SH 35 S
Palacios, TX 77465
United States
  • USA - California
  • USA - Gulf of Mexico
  • USA - Hawaii
  • USA - Mid Atlantic
  • USA - Midwest
  • USA - New England
  • USA - Pacific Northwest
  • USA - Rockies & Southwest
  • USA - South Atlantic
  • USA - Southeast
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Seafood Product Origin Harvest Method Sustainability Rating
Channel Catfish
Seafood Watch: Best Choice
Hybrid Striped Bass
Seafood Watch: Best Choice
Whiteleg Shrimp
Zero Exchange / Inland
Seafood Watch: Unrated