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Carlsbad Aquafarm, Inc.

CA, United States
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Carlsbad Aquafarm of California is a primary producer of quality shellfish located in Carlsbad’s, Agua Hedionda Lagoon. The farm was established after a 1960’s research project by California Sea Grant concluded the lagoon was ideal for growing shellfish and that the lagoon’s long-term health would benefit from the biofiltration eco-services provided by millions of shellfish. Carlsbad Aquafarm’s commitment to local preservation and premium seafood has made them an integral, valued part of the life, culture, character, and brand of Carlsbad.

Specializing in Carlsbad Blondes (Pacific Oysters) and Black mussels (Mediterranean Mussels), Carlsbad Aquafarm works tirelessly to produce shellfish of unsurpassed quality while preserving their coastal resources. Carlsbad Blondes are legendary for their delectable flavor that evokes a touch of melon and cucumber, with a delicate briny finish. Blondes have deeply cupped glassy, amber shells, streaked with ivory and deep purple markings. Black Mussels possess a complex flavor of musk, brine, and butter with a firm, creamy texture. When their mussels are steamed with nothing added they will be light, almost fluffy, and tender, without the slightest “fishy” taste.

At Carlsbad Aquafarm’s farm, both their oysters and mussels are suspended above the sea floor on longlines that ride upon tidal currents where they feed on nutrient streams that flow through their “floating farm”. Each morning their oysters are hoisted from the lagoon, brought ashore and placed into a tumbler that rotates and sprays the oysters, just as waves tumble wild oysters on shorelines. The process stimulates growth causing the oysters to become meatier. The continuous supply of fresh nutrients flowing through their farm ensures that each shellfish grows healthy, meaty, and packed with nutrients. Following harvest, mussels and oysters are rigorously cleaned in triple filtered, chilled seawater to purge any remaining impurities, plankton, sand or grit. All of Carlsbad Aquafarm’s shellfish is sent to an independent lab to be certified as safe before making their way to customers across California.



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4600 Carlsbad Blvd.
Carlsbad, CA 92018
United States
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