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Chatham Shellfish Co.

MA, United States
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The Chatham Shellfish Co. operates on Oyster Pond in Chatham, Massachusetts on its current lease site, which has been in production since 1976. Chatham Oysters are cultivated using modern aquaculture techniques and are marketed exclusively for half-shell markets both locally and nationally. They are also a state approved oyster seed suppliers, helping others raise the same flavorful, high-quality oysters. The company offers private tours of the farm, and special events featuring on-site raw bars. Customers can learn firsthand about the ecological benefits of their farm and their operation cycle, from seed to nursery, to cultivation and harvesting, ending with some oyster trivia and tasting. The oysters at Chatham Shellfish Co. are graded based on their deep cup, round shape, and plump meat.

Chatham Shellfish Co. operates in compliance with all local, state and federal regulations pertaining to shellfish culture practices, as well as following Best Management Practices for Shellfish Aquaculture in southeastern Massachusetts for an increased measure of environmental stewardship and production capabilities. Seafood safety and safe handling procedures are carefully followed to ensure the highest product quality and freshness for consumer safety and satisfaction. The rich, cold waters of the north Atlantic and Nantucket Sound results in a biodiverse environment, allowing for cultivation of the most natural and desirable oysters. Available year-round, these east coast oysters have captivated markets for over 40 years.

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53 North Rd.
Chatham, MA 2633
United States
  • USA - New England
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