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VIC, Australia
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Clean Seas Seafood Limited is a global leader in the full cycle breeding, farming, and sale of yellowtail amberjack and is known for its high-quality products. The company is committed to continual innovation and development in all aspects of aquaculture and business process, from hatchery to customer. Customers appreciate the consistency of product and Clean Seas Seafood's reliability in supplying fresh fish year-round to markets all over the world.

Clean Seas champions best practices in sustainability and intentionally exceeds government regulations to ensure viable stocks for the future. The company uses premium feed, minimal stocking densities, and site fallowing practices to help deliver a sustainable supply. Clean Seas' yellowtail amberjack product has been certified by Friend of the Sea, an NGO whose mission is the conservation of marine habitat. Clean Seas was the first aquaculture company in the Southern Hemisphere to be certified by the organization.

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  • ASC-F-SCS-100
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