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Colorado Catch, LLC

CO, United States
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A small, family-owned fish farm, Colorado Catch has been raising hybrid striped bass since 1992. The farm grows fish in the San Luis Valley in Colorado, just shy of 8000 ft. in elevation, in circular tanks of pure artesian water that originates from a geothermal well . Rated a Best Choice by the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Colorado Catch hybrid striped are harvested year round and shipped fresh to markets throughout the U.S. The fish are sold whole in various sizes, depending on the customer’s needs.

The family sustainably produces flavorful, high-quality hybrid striped bass using only environmentally responsible techniques. The water that circulates through the fish farm is also used to grow small grains and alfalfa, keeping the nutrients in cycle and not wasting water. Each fish is graded and individually handled with care, ensuring uniform size and quality. Impurities are continually removed from the tanks to maintain pure flavors. The fish are not caught until an order is placed, and are delivered to wholesalers via refrigerated trucks. Colorado Catch also provides recipes on their website that compliment the quality of their bass products. They are a member of the Striped Bass Growers, National Aquaculture, and Colorado Aquaculture Associations, which are non-profit organizations promoting the cultivation of commercially farmed bass, and the development of research projects to enhance these efforts.

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