Falling Waters Farm, LLC

Falling Waters Farm, LLC

IN, United States
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Falling Waters Farm LLC was established in May of 2015 with the simple mission of providing local, sustainable produce and fish. The farm is located in a warehouse in downtown Indianapolis, producing 100% local Indiana products year-round. They currently raise tilapia in a recirculating system, with discharge waters flowing into a hydroponic operation as a nutrient rich base for healthy greens. They are raising about 200,000 tilapia, which then support about 300,000 plants on a daily basis. In addition to raising tilapia in their recirculating systems, Falling Waters also raises yellow perch. The aquaponics farm is decoupled and holds a USDA Harmonized Gap food safety rating as well as a USDA Organic Certification. Falling Waters Farm LLC hires labor and management from the surrounding communities and currently has 16 full-time employees. They are also partnered with a youth organization that helps to rebuild the lives of 400 homeless teens, alerting the organization as they are hiring so that they can direct applicants to the farm. Customers and anyone curious about the process are encouraged to sign up online for a tour of the facility.

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5902 East 34th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46218
United States
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