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Leo and Judith Ray began Fish Breeders of Idaho in 1973 and gained the distinction of being Idaho's first geothermal fish farmer, and first successful tilapia farm in 1975. In 1978 they added rainbow trout, and in 1988 sturgeon was introduced. They also began processing white sturgeon caviar. This multi-species fish farm is unique due to its substantial natural flow of geothermal springs coupled with a downslope raceway design, which makes pumps unnecessary. Trout and sturgeon are raised in concrete raceways that utilize continually flowing spring water, and their catfish and tilapia are raised on their warm water farm using artisan wells.

Fish Breeders of Idaho is dedicated to minimizing their impact on the environment. The use of natural springs eliminates the need to consume water resources, and the water delivery system from the trout farm to the sturgeon farm creates a natural environment for the sturgeon, providing them with naturally-occurring feed. By eating the vegetation and organisms, the sturgeon also keep the system clean. Waste collected at the processing plant, such as by-products and scraps, is turned into animal feed. The water exiting their system is monitored by the Environmental Protection Agency, helping maintain a healthy ecosystem and production cycle.

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Hagerman, ID 83332
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White Sturgeon
RAS - recirculating aquaculture systems (with wastewater treatment)
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