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It all started with Pierre Fontaine, a nature lover led by his passion, secluding himself in the forest to create the perfect recipe for smoked salmon. Founded in 1991, Grizzly Smokehouse of Saint-Augustin, Quebec offers superior quality fish prepared according to its founder’s recipe using authentic and time-honored methods. Operating under the vision of making every one of their products destined for the market the best in its category, Grizzly uses only top quality ingredients and chooses only suppliers that agree to comply with their strict quality and safety standards.

Keeping a steady focus on preparing superior quality products from sustainable fisheries, Grizzly features products that stand out for their freshness and superior taste. First, their fish are cured in a homemade blend of spices that release their aroma. The fish are then brushed with pure Quebec maple syrup to give them a slightly sweet touch and prevent the salt from penetrating the flesh too deeply. To complete processing, Grizzly smokes them over maple wood for 24 to 36 hours to give them a unique flavor. The result is an exclusive healthy product that includes ready-to-eat salmon (sockeye, coho, and Atlantic), BAP certified trout, halibut, tuna, and more.

Operating one of the largest smokehouses in Canada, with a state-of-the-art plant and quality standards, Grizzly stands apart as an employer of choice. With a staff of over 65 during the peak season, Grizzly provides employees with the opportunity to take part in various training sessions, pursue their studies, and take French languages courses. Every employee is made aware of the importance of compliance with the requirements of various certifications and is trained in that regard. Grizzly’s commitment to the quality and healthiness of the fish it produces has positioned them as a favorite amongst chefs and home cooks throughout Canada and abroad.

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159 Amsterdam Street
St-Augustin, QC G3A 2V5
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Seafood Product Origin Harvest Method Sustainability Rating
Atlantic Salmon
Chile - Region X (Los Lagos)
Marine Net Pen
Ocean Wise: Not Recommended
Coho Salmon
Chile - Region X (Los Lagos)
Marine Net Pen
Ocean Wise: Not Recommended
Rainbow Trout
Unassessed Origin
Unassessed Farming Methods
Ocean Wise: Unrated
Sockeye Salmon
USA - Alaska (MSC)
Drift Gillnets
Ocean Wise: Not Recommended
Yellowfin Tuna
Pacific Ocean - West Central
Trolling Lines
Ocean Wise: Recommended
Yellowfin Tuna
Pacific Ocean - West Central
Drifting Longlines
Ocean Wise: Not Recommended