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Halibut PEI Inc. was inspired by the idea of creating an innovative and sustainable way to operate a halibut aquaculture business. In 2008, a pilot project was launched to learn more about salinity levels and temperatures of saltwater wells under Prince Edward Island. The goal of the project was to see if the island was suitable for land-based aquaculture operation using this saltwater resource. Results showed that running land-based aquaculture facilities on Prince Edward Island was possible and Halibut PEI Inc. continued its use of the facility from the project to begin commercial production of halibut.

The nature of saltwater means that Halibut PEI Inc. doesn't have to use antibiotics. With a land-based system, the business has a low environmental footprint and there is no concern about fish escaping into the wild too. A proud Ocean Wise partner, Halibut PEI Inc. is able to offer its customers Ocean Wise Recommended halibut products year-round.

Halibut PEI continues to grow and is currently working on an expansion plan that will more than double the level of halibut production of their facility to be able to continue providing its customers with fresh, high-quality halibut products year-round.

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1 Causeway Rd
Victoria, PE C0A 1J0
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