Harrietta Hills Trout Farm, LLC

Harrietta Hills Trout Farm, LLC

MI, United States
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Harrietta Hills Trout Farm is a family owned and operated fish farm, specializing in the production of rainbow trout. The farm is nestled in Michigan's magnificent Manistee National Forest, near Harrietta, Michigan. The clear, cold water and natural surroundings combine to bring customers high-quality trout products and Harrietta Hills Trout Farm takes pride in that quality. Started in the 1950s, Harrietta Hills has grown into one of Michigan's largest private trout farms. Harrietta Hills Trout Farm has partnered with Superior Foods of Grand Rapids to process Harrietta Hills trout in their world-class, state of the art processing facility. This partnership brings customers the freshest trout, processed and shipped in record time. Harrietta Hills Trout Farm is also proud to have its farming practices verified by the Michigan Agricultural Environmental Assurance Program (MAEAP).

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1681 South 7 1/2 Road
Harrietta, MI 49638
United States
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