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Hudson Valley Fisheries

NY, United States
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A family-owned business located in New York, Hudson Valley Fisheries started with the mission to grow sustainable seafood locally. Now, the business is one of North America's largest land-based RAS facilities producing steelhead. RAS operations allow Hudson Valley Fisheries to grow its fish with a low environmental impact. This land-based method of aquaculture also eliminates interaction with wild fish stocks. The facility reuses water and there is also the potential for integrated fish and vegetable production. To provide healthy seafood products, the business does not use chemicals, antibiotics, or hormones.

The location of the business also allows its seafood products to be distributed to major cities like New York and Boston with a lower carbon footprint for transport. Hudson Valley Fisheries provides fresher seafood too, as the business is able to deliver to New York and New England markets within hours of harvest. Hudson Valley Fisheries steelhead trout is available year-round and is 100% traceable from egg to plate.

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4269 Route 9
Hudson, NY 12534
United States
  • USA - Mid Atlantic
  • USA - New England
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Steelhead Trout
RAS - recirculating aquaculture systems (with wastewater treatment)
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