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Mac's Oysters, Ltd.

BC, Canada
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In British Columbia aquaculture was pioneered by Mac's Oyster's founder Joseph McLellan. Having settled in Fanny Bay on the shores of Baynes Sound, Vancouver Island in the early 20th century, he noticed how productive the waters were in this shallow, beautiful Sound. Always a lover of oysters, which were eaten in abundance in his native Scotland, Joe saw the potential of this shellfish not only as a tasty healthy dish, but as the basis for a farming business. Today, Mac's Oyster provides buyers around the world with fresh oysters and clams.

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#309 896 Cambie Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 2P6
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Seafood group Origin Harvest Method Sustainability Rating

Butter Clams

Saxidomus giganteus
Unassessed Origin
Unassessed Farming Methods
Ocean Wise: Unrated

Pacific Littleneck Clams

Protothaca staminea
Ocean Wise: Unrated

Pacific Littleneck Clams

Protothaca staminea
Pacific Ocean - Northeast
Hand Harvest
Ocean Wise: Unrated

Pacific Oysters

Crassostrea gigas
Off-Bottom Culture
Ocean Wise: Recommended

Varnish Clams

Nuttalia obscurata
Canada - British Columbia
Hand Rake
Ocean Wise: Unrated