Monterey Abalone Company

Monterey Abalone Company

CA, United States
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Once the center of California's commercial abalone fishery, Monterey is now home to sustainable farming of the highest quality abalone.

Monterey Abalone Company farms California red abalone using natural foods and methods. Harvest sizes start at 3½ inches shell length (¼ pound live weight), and go up to 5½ inches (1 pound live weight).

Live abalone can be shipped overnight anywhere in the United States. Small orders of abalone are no problem. We are dedicated to excellence in product, production and customer service.

The Monterey Abalone Company maintains the great tradition of producing food from the sea. Through natural, sustainable aquaculture, we produce some of the finest, freshest – the highest quality – abalone anywhere in the world.

Our abalone are shipped live to restaurants, markets, and family kitchens across the country to provide the freshest, most succulent meals.

The Monterey Abalone Company earns honors far and wide because we hold to this standard: to duplicate as closely as possible the abalone's natural environment and to produce a high quality seafood.

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160 Municipal Wharf No.2
Monterey, CA 93940
United States
  • USA - California
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