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Salmon is a historical part of the Syilx First Nation culture that makes up Okanagan Select. As part of the Okanagan Nation Alliance, the goal of Okanagan Select is to protect, enhance, conserve and continue to restore local salmon stocks so that they exist for future generations. The Okanagan Nation Alliance is located in the interior of British Columbia. They began in 2003 as a devoted effort to re-establish a sustainable population of Okanagan Sockeye Salmon. The Okanagan Nation Alliance is committed to creating partnerships and by integrating modern science with traditional practices. Their strategy for bringing the salmon back includes - cooperation between the Canadian and USA Columbia River governances, maintaining sustainable water management decisions, and adding another lake and more river access for migrating and spawning salmon. All proceeds from Okanagan Select sales are used for the enhancement, restoration, mitigation, and conservation of native fish and aquatic resources within the Okanagan Basin. 

The beliefs and traditions of the fishermen at Okanagan Select are a very important part of the First Nations’ culture, and often reflect a deep understanding and respect for nature. Okanagan Select honors their roots by using holistic traditional practices of selective fishing and processing methodology handed down from the community's ancestors. Their goal is to provide a high quality product from sustainable fisheries, ensuring the stability of future salmon populations. By utilizing abundance-based selection, the fish are able to fulfill their biological cycle, from migration to spawning. The Okanagan Nation has a dedicated group of fishermen who are committed to these methods and harvest only a small artisanal fishery. This fishery allocates annual harvests, respecting community food and social needs as well as economic opportunities. With help from the Okanagan Nation Alliance, Okanagan Select has been able to modernize traditional fishing concepts to minimize bycatch and maintain healthy local salmon populations.

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Sockeye Salmon
Canada - British Columbia
Purse Seine
Ocean Wise: Unrated
Sockeye Salmon
Canada - British Columbia
Ocean Wise: Unrated