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Plymouth Springs Fish Co.

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Originally founded in 1955, Plymouth Springs Fish Co. is a trout farm located in Plymouth, Wisconsin. Known as the Walter Meyer Farm until the mid-1900’s, the properties use as a fish farm began with Orlando Thiel, a successful mink farmer, and Ben Winton, a well-known conservationist in the early 1950’s. Utilizing the plentiful spring water on the property, the two set out to build the farm (which they named Crystal Blue Springs Trout Farm) making responsible use the natural springs that had been flowing in the area since the time of the Wisconsin Glaciation period, over 10,000 years ago. Now owned by husband and wife team Grant and Molly Johnson, the pair teamed up with fisheries biologist Ben Sasse to form the now Plymouth Springs Fish Co. in the summer of 2016.

Raising rainbow trout in ponds cut into the farms' hillside, the water cascades from pond to pond allowing sediment to collect in a large pond at the bottom where it is repurposed as fertilizer. Prioritizing fish health and sustainable harvesting methods, the rainbow trout at Plymouth Springs Fish Co. are raised without antibiotics or hormones, are fed a natural diet free of GMO plants, and are farmed in low-density pools to mimic a more natural and less crowded habitat. The resulting product is a fresh, sustainable product high in Omega 3 Fatty Acids  available to discerning customers as fresh or smoked fillets.

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W6623 County Rd Z
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United States
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