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Prairie Springs Fish Farm

OR, United States
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Founded in 1959 by Jim and Keity Driscoll and now managed by their son Dan, the team at Prairie Springs Fish Farm have been stocking Oregon’s ponds and lakes with high quality, live fish for over 60 years. The team at Prairie Springs Fish Farm are experts on fish propagation and pond management and pride themselves on their ability to supply strong and healthy fish native to the Pacific Northwest.

Prairie Springs Fish Farm currently raises rainbow trout and steelhead using flow-through raceways filled with artesian water sourced right on the farm's property. The trout are fed a premium diet and before any of their water is returned back to nature, it is purified using a series of cleaning ditches, settling ponds, and wetland filters which help mitigate environmental impacts. Prairie Springs Fish Farm rainbow trout and steelhead are delivered via truck to private lakes and ponds in Oregon.

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46673 Hwy 26
Dayville, OR 97825
United States
  • USA - Pacific Northwest
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