Pucci Foods

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Pucci Foods

CA, United States
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Pucci Foods is one of California’s leading distributors of fresh seafood, meat, and specialty foods. The company is proud to be a champion of the historic fishing and aquaculture industry.

Pucci Foods respects the traditions of the 40,000 year old fishing history, while staying current with trends and innovating for the future. Their 53,000 square foot Hayward, California manufacturing and distribution center is the hub of a network of partnerships that supply the highest quality fish and seafood from around the world.

Blue River Seafoods and CEO Chris Lam purchased Joe Pucci & Sons Seafoods in 1991. The landmark business has been a valued member of the community since 1918, and Lam honored that tradition by naming the new company Pucci Foods.

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25447 Industrial Blvd.
Hayward, CA 94545
United States
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Seafood Product Origin Harvest Method Sustainability Rating Certification
Pacific Halibut
USA - Alaska (MSC)
Bottom Longline
Seafood Watch: Eco-Certification Recognized
Marine Stewardship Council Certified
Yellowfin Tuna
Indian Ocean
Hand-Operated Pole-and-Lines; Trolling Lines
Seafood Watch: Good Alternative