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QCI Shellfish Company

BC, Canada
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With shellfish, quality is tantamount to freshness. 

QCI Shellfish Company guarantees that their shellfish is fresh and they take every measure to ensure their customers are satisfied.

The first and only commercial growers and harvesters of scallops and oysters on the North Coast of British Columbia, QCI Shellfish Company is committed to providing their clients with only the highest quality, sustainable seafood products.

Home to the “Sinless” oyster and scallop, the branding of "Sinless" began when a writer for the North Word Magazine wrote an article titled "Searching for the Sinless Scallop":  

"A small commercial scallop and oyster farm already exists in the cold northern waters of Haida Gwaii. All I had to do was walk down to the local organic grocer and look in the freezer. My quest was finally complete. I poured a warm vinaigrette over the sweet, fleshy, barely-seared morsels, lit the candles, and heaved a sigh of pleasure as I savored a sinless scallop in the comfort of my own home". (North Word, Feb. 2008 edition)  

QCI Shellfish Company has been operating an aquaculture farm on the Queen Charlotte Islands (formerly Haida Gwaii) since 1998. Their shellfish are processed at Albion Fisheries Ltd. Q.C.I, a federally registered processing facility.  

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Off-Bottom Culture
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