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Royal Star Foods Ltd, a subsidiary of Tignish Fisheries Co-op Association Ltd., is the largest processor of lobster on Prince Edward Island. The company is a prime and innovative processor of Atlantic lobsters in various forms for both retail and food service. Their brand, Star of the Sea, is a well respected, world renowned brand due to its consistency in high quality. Over the past 88 years, the company has gained a reputation throughout the world as an example of people working together for the success of their industry. Through their long history, they owe their success to good management, loyal and skilled employees and the persistence of the fishers to keep up to date on changes in the industry.

Being co-operatively owned by 175 fishers, their quality products begin at sea. All of their lobsters are wild caught Atlantic lobster that are fished in the clear, unpolluted waters surrounding PEI, in the North West Atlantic. Immediately after being removed from the lobster trap, their claws are bound with elastic bands so they do not injure one another. They are then placed in ice, covered and delivered to the wharf where their facility is located. The larger lobsters, known as markets, are graded by weight then set in refrigerated holding tanks for a minimum of 50 hours. This not only purges the vein in their tails but also lowers their stress level. After the waiting period, these lobsters are then distributed to restaurants and stores for purchase. The smaller lobsters, known as canners, enter the 75,000 sq ft processing facility and are processed into one of many value added specialty products. They are committed to customer satisfaction by providing a premium quality product.

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  • MSC-C-53934
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175 Judes Point Road
Tignish, PE C0B 2B0
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