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Based in Iceland, Samherji Fiskeldi Ltd. has been growing Arctic char and Atlantic salmon in land-based tanks for over 20 years. The company's aquaculture operations include hatching, juvenile production, and on-growing of marketable fish as well as packaging, marketing, sales, and export of the products. The various components of Samherji Fiskeldi's farming operations are situated around Iceland and use crystal clear, geothermal water that has been naturally filtered. Samherji Fiskeldi's fish farming has a low carbon footprint and the land-based tanks greatly reduce the risk of escapes. No growth hormones or antibiotics are used during the farming process. 

Samherji Fiskeldi's facilities allow them to produce close to 3000 tons of arctic char per year and 1200 tons of salmon per year. The company uses methods that focus on the welfare of the fish, aimed at preventing discomfort and distress. At the same time, Samherji Fiskeldi's works to ensure high-quality and great taste for finished products. 

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