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Seacore Seafood is a family-owned 100% Canadian operated seafood supplier and distributor established in 1987. They have established connections and relationships around the world, allowing them to buy directly from the source and consistently offer high-quality products. A part of the Canadian Housecut Certified program, which sets standards for levels of freshness and quality, Seacore Seafood prides themselves on their quality, variety, and service. Their plant is HACCP certified, and their self-established fresh catch mission ensures that all of their seafood products reach the high quality food standards set by both the company and the Housecut Certified program.

As a result of the ever growing public demand on sustainability, Seacore Seafood created the OceanPrime Sustainable Seafood Program in 2003. OceanPrime is a fish and seafood product line specializing in domestic and imported frozen fish items. They control all aspects of their operating logistics in order to maintain superior quality and customer satisfaction. Seacore is a renowned, and highly-praised and reviewed company, having won Canada’s Best Managed Companies program for three straight years, Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies in 2011, and a multiple winner of Vaughan Chamber’s Business Achievement Awards. They also co-founded Sea Pact: a Sustainable Seafood Alliance, and maintain involvement in the community via charitable contributions and local sponsorships.

   Seacore Seafood Sustainable Seafood Commitment

Seafood Certifications

Marine Stewardship Council Certified

  • MSC-C-51042

Aquaculture Stewardship Council Certification

  • ASC-C-00056
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Ocean Wise
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81 Aviva Park Drive
Woodbridge, ON L4L 9C1
81 Aviva Park Drive
Woodbridge, ON L4L 9C1
  • Canada - Atlantic
  • Canada - Central & Interior
  • Canada - Northwest
  • Canada - Pacific
  • USA - Alaska
  • USA - California
  • USA - Gulf of Mexico
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Seafood Product Origin Harvest Method Sustainability Rating Certification
Yellow Perch
Canada - Lake Erie (MSC)
Ocean Wise: Recommended
Yellowfin Sole
USA - Alaska - Bering Sea, Aleutian Islands, Gulf of Alaska (MSC)
Bottom Trawls
Ocean Wise: Recommended
Marine Stewardship Council Certified
Yellowfin Tuna
Pacific Ocean - West Central
Handlines and Hand-Operated Pole-and-Lines
Ocean Wise: Recommended
Yellowfin Tuna
Indian Ocean
Hand-Operated Pole-and-Lines
Ocean Wise: Not Recommended
Yellowmouth Rockfish
Canada - British Columbia
Midwater Trawl
Ocean Wise: Recommended
Yellowtail Rockfish
Canada - British Columbia
Midwater Trawl
Ocean Wise: Recommended