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Seafarers, Inc.

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FL, United States
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Seafarers, Inc. is a Florida-based processor, importer, and marketer of high quality fresh and frozen seafood. Established in 1999 as an importer and distributor of fresh tuna, Seafarers quickly created an industry-wide reputation for providing high-quality fresh tuna from company-owned longline vessels. Over the years, the Seafarers brand has become highly recognizable due to its vastly diversified product line.

The company currently deals with numerous different species in both fresh and frozen form. With processing plants in Mexico and Suriname, along with partnerships in South America, Central America, and South East Asia, Seafarers is able to manage every link on their supply chain giving them a competitive advantage in both quality and pricing. 

Seafarers, Inc. has also established corporate policies dedicated to the implementation of sourcing product from sustainable fisheries. This corporate commitment has lead the company to become involved with fishery improvement projects (FIPs).

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    8180 NW 90th Street
    Medley, FL 33166
    United States
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    Seafood Product Origin Harvest Method Sustainability Rating
    Twinspot Snapper
    Seafood Watch: Unrated
    Vermillion Snapper
    Unassessed Origin
    Unassessed Fishing Methods
    Seafood Watch: Unrated
    Whitespotted Grouper
    Seafood Watch: Unrated
    Yellow Grouper
    Seafood Watch: Unrated
    Yellowfin Tuna
    Pacific Ocean - West Central
    Trolling Lines
    Seafood Watch: Best Choice